Easy Ways to Go Green on the West Coast


California takes pride in being one of the greenest states in america, and is consistently sited because of its innovation in ecological sustainability. It isn’t difficult to discover why California residents are so committed to protecting their precious state- California boasts a seemingly endless supply of natural beauty, looking at the pristine beaches and lush mountain forests to delicate desert ecosystems. Residents of metropolitan areas, like Los Angeles and San Diego County, have to go the extra mile to stay sustainable in such densely populated cities. But with a little effort and awareness, you as well can do your part to protect the gorgeous land we call home. Here are a few easy approaches to start cutting your environmental impact and go green in Los Angeles.

Make Changes at Home


The simplest way to start being enviromentally friendly is by making some small changes for your daily routine and home. Consider starting a compost pile with your backyard. Whenever you cook, save your leftover fruit and vegetable scraps, along with eggshells and used coffee grounds, to add to your pile. With regular contributions and some small maintenance from you, you’ll soon have fertile compost to increase your garden or potted plants. You can donate your scraps to your local community garden instead in the event you don’t have a yard or room to get a compost pile. If you’re not already recycling at home, it’s time to get started! The City of Los Angeles operates the largest residential curbside recycling program in the usa, collecting countless tons of reusable waste daily that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Sign up online to your curbside receptacle- you don’t even have to separate your recyclables yourself!

Be Wary on the highway


Take your attitude of sustainability with you onto the open road. Automobile emissions are some of the most significant resources for air pollution and play a role in the smog that so frequently fills our Southern California skies. Doing part to drive consciously and responsibly can help reduce pollution, protect our ecosystem, and save non-renewable resources. The easiest way to visit green is actually by reducing how much time you spend in a vehicle. Consider incorporating public transportation to your daily routine. Foregoing the drive to function in favor of utilizing the bus or subway even just a few days a week can easily make a major affect on the environment. Whenever you do drive, try to carpool whenever possible. If you’re able to invest in a new car, think about test-driving a power or hybrid vehicle. With so many new eco-friendly models showing up in the market daily, you’re bound to find an energy-efficient car that’s right for your family. One of our favorite new EVs is the Fiat 500e from fiat Los Angeles. We think its sporty silhouette and green design ensure it is the perfect car for life in Southern California. Visit OC Fiat to check out one of the smartest and a lot affordable electric cars on the market today.

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