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For all individuals do it yourselfers out there, you know where I’m coming from when i state that asking someone to help you out is a shot to your pride, an inconvenience and generally a painful subject. For instance, I make custom beds, really just one or two a year, nevertheless i have to haul all of my wood from your shop to obtain cut and finished and after that to my client’s homes. I utilized to rent U-Haul trucks or ask friends with flatbeds to help me out, but that sort of defeats the purpose of “doing it yourself,” doesn’t it. I’ve often thought of myself as a sports vehicle or a sedan type of guy, and I never really pictured myself hauling around my materials… I’m not sure why. Fortunately in my opinion, (and soon you) there is something out there that will make a big difference in your life making your next haul an easy, independent one. I’m talking about the Nissan Frontier pickup truck.

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Ladies, gentlemen… doesn’t it just make you salivate? Each time I check my kitchen window at my driveway and see my brand new Frontier, I imagine it packed with wood, and me having a scruffy five o’clock shadow and a cowboy hat. Granted, this is hardly ever the case, but there’s something magical about this particular pickup truck that acts as a window to creativity and ambition. I never imagined of myself as a pickup truck person, so when my brother-in-law asked me to go down to the Nissan dealership to examine drive the unbelievably sexy and fast 350Z, I gave a resounding yes, as I mentioned earlier! Who wouldn’t want a chance to be described as a passenger over a spaceship that travels on roads? Once we arrived, that golden Frontier sang in my opinion, like a siren, begging me to “just take a tiny peek.”

Well, peek I did. My quick peek turned into an obsession; a report that had me rolling beneath the carriage having a sales representative to gawk in the streamlined brilliance that makes any Nissan a Nissan. Including the inside, the cockpit offered me amazing comfort. I found myself surprised to discover and feel and experience just how homey the interior with this elegant beast was, as a man who is accustomed to comfort and top quality things.

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Needless to say, I got it. Yes, that very one in the showcase floor. I didn’t tell my lovely wife and I made sure to keep her brother quiet about the entire ordeal. When I pulled up to the house, my lovely wife was confused; she thought her brother wanted a sports car. She didn’t realize I had made any big decisions. Now, my new Frontier works as a family car and a work vehicle for me personally. I’m able to increase my efficiency and my independence and my custom bed making industry is thriving. Go to either Nissan Glendale or Downtown Nissan if you’re interested in a new Nissan Frontier and discover your true identity.

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