Things To Know When You Enjoy Driving


When did the enjoyment disappear from driving?

That’s the question raised by new research which has learned that little more than a quarter of motorists describe their car as their favourite mode of transport.

According to a study carried out by Halfords Autocentres, almost two-thirds of drivers – 63% – see their vehicle purely as being a workhorse.

This latest figure is admittedly an improvement on the 84% who had this negative view in 2012, however.

Longer commutes

Halfords’ findings give one possible explanation why Brits have fallen away from love with motoring: nearly half of us now drive for over an hour daily, up from 42% two years ago.

In most cases this is likely to be to increasingly long commuter journeys – there is nothing more certain to accept fun away from driving than rush-hour traffic and congestion.

But what are the other reasons so many of us not any longer relish getting behind the wheel?

Canvassing opinions

We talked to some of our colleagues at to find out whatever they think about driving and if they still have fun with this, or have ever done so.

One of the more interesting responses was from AdamBate and 25, multimedia assistant, who has yet to move his driving test.

He says: It is admittedly still a new and novel experience to me at this time, even though I have taken driving lessons and I enjoy driving.

There’s a level of independence and possibly sophistication associated with driving that does seem appealing to me.

Plus, the sheer convenience of having the capacity to go anywhere at any time is a bonus.

Reality bites

Motorway trafficMost motorists will recognise this description of the theoretical appeal of obtaining your own car.

But unfortunately the reality can be quite different, as Adam’s colleague, content writer Adam Jolley, highlights.

I love driving on the motorway as, when there’s no traffic, you are feeling like you’re making real progress and it’s actually pretty easy, he says.

But it’s when driving into town that motoring becomes a real chore: having to deal with cyclists, traffic and pedestrians lights simply to finish up trawling around an auto park searching for a space.

I’d prefer to walk, or even obtain the bus.

The menace of other drivers

Other drivers are the maximum amount of of an issue, says Naphtalia Loderick,’s content editor.

She explains: Now i find driving, even about the open road, very stressful: watching out for stupid drivers who don’t indicate, cut you up, change lanes on impulse and so on.”

Naphtalia says she now prefers utilizing the train or coach for very long journeys.

Allow the train take the strain

I will then use a relaxing journey with music, drinks, snacks and books at hand.

Public transport is more enjoyable currently. That is perhaps another issue.

This is due to new technology which allows passengers to watch TV programmes they’ve missed or catch up on social media, for instance.

As Adam Bate says: As long as my bus is on time within the mornings, the duration of my commute takes is not a problem, especially as I are able to use my phone for games, videos and music.

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