What Do You Call Your Jeep

Whereas some people may think that naming cars is a bit of a “”girl”” thing to do Jeep owners will certainly disagree. If they won’t admit it in public, the vast majority of Jeep owners have names for their vehicles; in fact a lot of men have names for their vehicle even.


How do you find the perfect name for a Jeep?

A name not simply says a lot about the owner but also about how they feel with regards to their vehicle. It can be hard to pick out your right reputation for any motor, never mind a Jeep so below are a few tips for helping you to find the perfect name.

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• Less is definitely more – the best Jeep names are sweet and short, a little like the name “Jeep”. When you purchase a name which can be long and elaborate you are going to either shorten it or simply just stop working with it. Pick out a reputation which is strong and short, a bit such as the Jeep itself. This will say a lot about your and you vehicle without giving too much away.

• Let your personality shine through – don’t just pick any old name, select one which says a little about your personality. Be creative and put some of yourself into your chosen Jeep name. You will be, after all the individual that will be sharing adventures together with your trusty four wheeled friend and creating stories to inform.

• Let the personality of your Jeep shine through – you need to decide on a name that allows the personality of the Jeep to shine through too. If your Jeep has some specific little quirk or character then incorporate it into the name. In case your Jeep carries a few miles on the clock and a few years in the tank then pick out something appropriate. Something which is fitting to determine the many adventures it will have enjoyed over the years.

• Don’t be afraid to become a little adventurous because common names are easily forgettable. Try to think of something brave and bold, just like the Jeep itself. Choose a name which will help your vehicle to share with its many stories for many years in the future.


Below are a few examples you could go with, just to help you get started. If some of the names jump out at you then please feel free to “pinch” them. Incidentally, at jeep riverside they’ve got tons of lovely Jeeps (and other vehicles) all looking for a good home and a great name.

What about going along the “”Greek God”” theme, some of them are pretty appropriate:

• Apollo – yeah, pretty good for starters.

• Atlas – who carried the weight around the world around on his back? A good strong name for an effective, strong vehicle.

• Chaos – hey, why not? Although this is generally more as a result of the driver than to the Jeep itself.

• Hercules – the immortal hero (well, Jeeps do last for some time, long time) and the strongest guy on Earth.


• Plutus – is the God of wealth. You don’t need to be wealthy to own a Jeep however you sure do feel as happy being a millionaire if you drive one.

• Triton – it is a messenger in the deep sea. Jeeps are pretty good at crossing deep water once you learn what you’re doing.

• Zeus – an excellent choice. The God of all, thunder and lightning the heavens.

Or perhaps you’d rather pick something very different. My old neighbor enjoyed a Jeep called Brian having said that i never quite figured out why.

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