• Easy Ways to Go Green on the West Coast


    California takes pride in being one of the greenest states in america, and is consistently sited because of its innovation in ecological sustainability. It isn’t difficult to discover why California residents are so committed to protecting their precious state- California boasts a seemingly endless supply of natural beauty, looking at the pristine beaches and lush mountain forests to delicate desert ecosystems. Residents of metropolitan areas, like Los Angeles and San Diego County, have to go the extra mile to stay sustainable in such densely populated cities. But with a little effort and awareness, you as well can do your part to protect the gorgeous land we call home. Here are a few easy approaches to start cutting your environmental impact and go green in Los Angeles.

    Make Changes at Home


    The simplest way to start being enviromentally friendly is by making some small changes for your daily routine and home. Consider starting a compost pile with your backyard. Whenever you cook, save your leftover fruit and vegetable scraps, along with eggshells and used coffee grounds, to add to your pile. With regular contributions and some small maintenance from you, you’ll soon have fertile compost to increase your garden or potted plants. You can donate your scraps to your local community garden instead in the event you don’t have a yard or room to get a compost pile. If you’re not already recycling at home, it’s time to get started! The City of Los Angeles operates the largest residential curbside recycling program in the usa, collecting countless tons of reusable waste daily that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Sign up online to your curbside receptacle- you don’t even have to separate your recyclables yourself!

    Be Wary on the highway


    Take your attitude of sustainability with you onto the open road. Automobile emissions are some of the most significant resources for air pollution and play a role in the smog that so frequently fills our Southern California skies. Doing part to drive consciously and responsibly can help reduce pollution, protect our ecosystem, and save non-renewable resources. The easiest way to visit green is actually by reducing how much time you spend in a vehicle. Consider incorporating public transportation to your daily routine. Foregoing the drive to function in favor of utilizing the bus or subway even just a few days a week can easily make a major affect on the environment. Whenever you do drive, try to carpool whenever possible. If you’re able to invest in a new car, think about test-driving a power or hybrid vehicle. With so many new eco-friendly models showing up in the market daily, you’re bound to find an energy-efficient car that’s right for your family. One of our favorite new EVs is the Fiat 500e from fiat Los Angeles. We think its sporty silhouette and green design ensure it is the perfect car for life in Southern California. Visit OC Fiat to check out one of the smartest and a lot affordable electric cars on the market today.

  • Changing Your Car Battery


    Constantly hear a clicking sound whenever you turn on the ignition? Are your headlights dimming? Maybe you’ve noticed cracks across the battery casing.

    These are all signs that your car battery may need replacing. Before you go out and buy a new battery, first ensure you need one.

    Sometimes, battery trouble might be caused by white sulfate buildup around the cable terminals that may be simply removed with a stiff brush to eliminate the problem. At other times, tightening up a loose terminal connection may do the trick.

    It’s time to change the battery if everything else fails:

    How you can change an auto battery

    Shut down the engine. Open the hood, prop it up safely, and locate the battery.

    Disconnect the negative (- or black) battery cable FIRST by loosening the nut on the negative cable clamp with a wrench. Pull up about the end of the cable or pry with a screwdriver.

    NEXT, disconnect the positive ( or red) battery cable.

    Remove any clamps or bars holding the battery into position. Using both hands, grab the battery from the bottom and remove it of the tray. (Note: In the event you an existing back problem make sure you get assist with this part., car batteries can weigh up to 60 lbs., so)

    Use a wire brush to clean up any sulfate buildup from around the battery tray or terminal clamps.

    Place the new battery from the tray and replace the hold-down clamp. Attach and tighten the positive battery cable, then attach and tighten the negative battery cable. Not too tight as to damage the terminals, although check that all cable connectors are tight. If the car doesn’t start, give the clamp nut an extra use secure more snugly.

    – What you’ll need: new replacement battery, wrench, stiff wire brush

    – Cost: $45 to $90 for the new car battery

    – Time: 20-30 minutes

  • Check Out The July 2013 Editor’s Letter – What Was I Thinking


    It seemed like a good idea at the time even though they always do.

    Ever since I was a tiny child, bouncing around within the sideways-facing jump seats at the back of my Uncle’s Land Rover, I wanted one. Living in the UK they were everywhere, so there was no hurry. You could get an ex-military Defender for about three grand. Fit a better turbo-diesel, get it to run on cooking oil and yes it was the car for the zombie apocalypse.

    Then I moved to america. With more public land and second or third cars being common, the Land Rover seemed like a much better idea. But bloody hell, have you seen the prices?

    Individuals were asking $100k for restored NA-spec Defender 110s. The Lara Croft-style 90s were opting for half that, and all had thirsty V8s. The plan was shelved plus an E-Type became my new mission.

    But wouldn’t you understand it, after years of idle searching, an ex-MoD 1986 Land Rover 110 FFR popped up in the local Craigslist. It belonged to a collector who listed it for just one week and tried reasonably hard to convince me it absolutely was slow and pointless.

    Being a collector, I hoped he’d found a good one. It seemed in reasonable condition considering its life like a military vehicle.

    Admittedly it’s an eccentric choice of transport but it’s left-hand drive and has the non-turbo 2.5L diesel. There’s an indication riveted to the dash warning you against exceeding 60mph. I should be so lucky!

    Still, the 110 will be a great project: not merely because it’s already broken down…

    The first task, however, is to find a local method to obtain spare parts and inspiration.

    Range Rover

    Whilst the Land Rover was as functional as I’d expected, the latest 2013 Range Rover was significantly more capable than anticipated. It was ridiculously impressive on our Arizona trek and dealt with the off-road portion much better than any $100k grand tourer should.

    We went ‘Squatching; inspired by my fascination for Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot TV series, as you’ll read.

    When we reached out to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization for assistance with the TV, story and founder presenter Matt Moneymaker was kind enough to respond in person. It turns out he’s a huge Land Rover fan and has owned several.

    We hoped to add Matt inside our story but Discovery Channel’s lawyers found all sorts of good reasons to prevent it from happening. We were happy to do business with Tim Zamiski in his place, who was a fantastic guide.


    If you want to discover how we got on with the Range Rover, we have a video at www.europeancarweb.com

    We also took a video crew to our track test together with the FR-S, GTI and M3. It’s around the Motor Trend YouTube channel in the Head2Head section.

    If only it absolutely was European, in addition, i got suckered into getting involved in Wide Open Throttle on a single channel to describe our tongue-in-cheek bias for the GTI and M3 – there’s very little wrong with all the Scion!

  • What Do You Call Your Jeep

    Whereas some people may think that naming cars is a bit of a “”girl”” thing to do Jeep owners will certainly disagree. If they won’t admit it in public, the vast majority of Jeep owners have names for their vehicles; in fact a lot of men have names for their vehicle even.


    How do you find the perfect name for a Jeep?

    A name not simply says a lot about the owner but also about how they feel with regards to their vehicle. It can be hard to pick out your right reputation for any motor, never mind a Jeep so below are a few tips for helping you to find the perfect name.

    Read on . . . .

    • Less is definitely more – the best Jeep names are sweet and short, a little like the name “Jeep”. When you purchase a name which can be long and elaborate you are going to either shorten it or simply just stop working with it. Pick out a reputation which is strong and short, a bit such as the Jeep itself. This will say a lot about your and you vehicle without giving too much away.

    • Let your personality shine through – don’t just pick any old name, select one which says a little about your personality. Be creative and put some of yourself into your chosen Jeep name. You will be, after all the individual that will be sharing adventures together with your trusty four wheeled friend and creating stories to inform.

    • Let the personality of your Jeep shine through – you need to decide on a name that allows the personality of the Jeep to shine through too. If your Jeep has some specific little quirk or character then incorporate it into the name. In case your Jeep carries a few miles on the clock and a few years in the tank then pick out something appropriate. Something which is fitting to determine the many adventures it will have enjoyed over the years.

    • Don’t be afraid to become a little adventurous because common names are easily forgettable. Try to think of something brave and bold, just like the Jeep itself. Choose a name which will help your vehicle to share with its many stories for many years in the future.


    Below are a few examples you could go with, just to help you get started. If some of the names jump out at you then please feel free to “pinch” them. Incidentally, at jeep riverside they’ve got tons of lovely Jeeps (and other vehicles) all looking for a good home and a great name.

    What about going along the “”Greek God”” theme, some of them are pretty appropriate:

    • Apollo – yeah, pretty good for starters.

    • Atlas – who carried the weight around the world around on his back? A good strong name for an effective, strong vehicle.

    • Chaos – hey, why not? Although this is generally more as a result of the driver than to the Jeep itself.

    • Hercules – the immortal hero (well, Jeeps do last for some time, long time) and the strongest guy on Earth.


    • Plutus – is the God of wealth. You don’t need to be wealthy to own a Jeep however you sure do feel as happy being a millionaire if you drive one.

    • Triton – it is a messenger in the deep sea. Jeeps are pretty good at crossing deep water once you learn what you’re doing.

    • Zeus – an excellent choice. The God of all, thunder and lightning the heavens.

    Or perhaps you’d rather pick something very different. My old neighbor enjoyed a Jeep called Brian having said that i never quite figured out why.

    Don’t forget to check out the choices at OC Auto, you could discover your perfect partner.

  • The Reasons Why Teens Are Delaying Licensure


    We realize Graduated Driver Licensing systems save lives. Numerous studies show a correlation between GDL and the decreased number of crashes involving 16- and 17-year-old drivers. Studies examining the effects of GDL on 18- and 19-year-old drivers have produced conflicting results, however.

    Until recently, researchers felt GDL restrictions may encourage young people to wait to receive licenses until they turn 18, which is when most states’ GDL restrictions end. Not going through GDL may not have prepared new drivers for the challenges they would face when getting behind the wheel having had little supervised driving experience. A new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates avoiding GDL restrictions actually may have little bearing on why teens today delay licensure. The data show, among other things, the economy might be to blame.